Re: Quests system

Thx Chris.

I have succeeded to display some text.

But i can't find "Actor: ActionFilter" node in the Flow Graph? There is "ActionMaps:ActionFilter" node, but it doesn't have <Input Entity>? Looks like this is different now, compared to Cryengine EaaS.

Re: Quests system

If you only need such basic text like on the screenshot, you can also just use the following Flownode: Debug:DisplayMessage
You can use the Input:ActionMaps:ActionFilter for that using parameter no_move

You can enable mouse cursor with Input:MouseCursor
You can even avoid flash by doing the UI in flowgraph
Using mouse raycast to get the ID of the object like shown here:

The proper way however is doing everything in flash which we do recommend.

Re: Quests system

Actually I did this with the flash. Here is a new one, just for the testing. The final version will look different, better.

And it works with "ActionMaps:ActionFilter" normally. It just i didn't test it properly before.


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