Re: Flappy boid, pipes moving

Are you still getting the same errors as you posted in the screenshot?
Could you check if your \levels\Flappy_F\leveldata\GameToken.xml file looks like this:

Could you also confirm that the following folder \libs\ui\FlashAssets
looks like this:

\libs\ui\UIElements looks like this:

If the above folders do not look like this then you have got missing elements.

is the \levels\Flappy_F level working fine for you when you start it?

the level that is not working is the one that you have created is that right?

Make sure that the orientation of your pipes are correct so the calculations in the flow graph are correct.

Re: Flappy boid, pipes moving

Yes i still have a errors when i add pipe distance adjustments node, without it all works good. I found GameToken.xml, but code looks different:
Should i edit it, to change on the same code like in your screen?

then in Flash assets, i have the same, all 3 files.

In UIElements i have all of them, but just as XML, in CRYASSET only one file .
I checked pipes orientation, it's correct

Re: Flappy boid, pipes moving

Since you have some .cryassets missing we would suggest to regenerate/repair the asset meta data.
In the CRYENGINE Sandbox editor click on Tools > Asset Browser > Edit > Regenerate/Repair all meta data.

Game Tokens
The IntCollisions was made as Graph Token and not Game Token in the final version of flappy boid.
Since all the Flow Graph logic is housed in a single graph this will not affect the functionality of the game.

It is hard to tell at this point why the pipes are not moving. A small mistake as not connecting 1 single node to another could
already be the cause of this.

At this point we would suggest using the debug function of Flow Graph at the top left corner and have a look at what values get passed into the
Movement:MoveEntityTo in order to see if it has been setup correctly.

Please let us know if you are still facing the issues.
If you still get the Errors after regenerating / Repairing the metadata please attach the editor.log right after you have seen the errors.

Re: Flappy boid, pipes moving

I did Regenerate/Repair all meta data, but nothing has changed, still everything works only without pipe speed adjustments.
I still don't understand, should i change a code in \levels\Flappy_F\leveldata\GameToken.xml , on the same as in your screenshot or not?

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