Tutorial: Easy Custom Sky

Hi developers,
I am trying to find a way to create the least easy sky. After a few tries I found the way to build the sky without a skybox with a single file. Of course building Skybox is not as good quality but at least it can be the solution for some.

First, we find the horizontally shaped sky texture. I found 2048x1024 sky in HDR format.


If we put this file before making any changes, the solid color at the bottom will distort the entire image. It will not be used as a sky. That's why we cut the bottom.


I use Photoshop for change *.hdr format image. Because Fireworks doesn't read *.hdr. And i used Fireworks for other images. Because i'm using Fireworks primarily. And i convert *.hdr files to *.png for customize.

I am not sure of the performance situation, but 2048 is too big a number for me in the sky. You can keep it according to your wishes. I dropped it to 1024x512. After the image was cut, it was 1024x256. I just got the top sky section.

Create a new material and make type Sky. Make sure you do not have SkyHDR! Go to the Sky section of the Level Settings tab and select the material you are creating. All you have to do in the material is to select the sky texture you created from the Diffuse section.

If you don't cut the image, it will look like this.


After cut, it will look like this.


Now I notice that the sky quality is low. I should have used 2048... I hope you have fun. I hope it helps!

- I don't want to give website name, but there are a lot of web sites on the internet that offer a lot of free HDRI skies.
- If you don't see images, i'll attach all images to bottom.
- And lastly, English is not my main language. For this reason, forgive my mistakes.
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