Re: What is best way to Master in Cryengine?

For starters, check out my CE repo 'quick-start':

Other than that there's not much out there that is actually useful. You can ask me questions in my discord and what not and I'll answer as many as I can, which should be quite a lot.

Tons of changes since 3.X, and the community is pretty much non-existant. The few videos/resources online are typically too 'basic', not even counting that they're mostly 1.5 hours of very poorly edited "uhm, well lets type in 'class' here" xd (Like those Fury etc. videos that were just linked lol)

CryTek has been harping that they're going to have samples for the past 1.5 years, but internal restructuring, Hunt, large engine rewrites etc., keep delaying everything so don't expect anything from there.

I haven't even been able to build editor in 5.5 preview 4, something they've been promising since 5.4 xd

Re: What is best way to Master in Cryengine?

Hey ahm3d,
This truly depends on what you wish to learn, are you looking for programming experience or level design? Perhaps 3D model art or animation?
It will help to focus on a particular subject for such a large engine, at least as a starting point.

Firstly, I can understand your frustration and thank you for your feedback, though please keep it constructive and let us know in the appropriate manner. For issues please check here for our support channels so we can try to help you.
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