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Re: Would you benefit from making a game with a better pc

Well my computer is really powerful and it's not as great for developing games as some people may think. Of course, you need a very good computer to make a game but if it's too powerful then you'll always have to make sure not to fill your scene with too much stuff because chances are that a lot of ...

Re: Future of Cryengine

It's very unlikely that such a powerful engine will die. If Crytek really die then maybe a separate team will keep working on it, or maybe the team that works on the engine will keep working on it anyway. Just look at how old is blender, and it's free. They've got less money than Crytek afaik. Also,...

Re: No ocean in my project

You can also open the console (it should be docked at the right of the screen, if not then go to Tools, Advanced, Console) and type e_WaterOcean 1

Don't forget to enable volumetric fog and volumetric clouds to make everything look twice as good :D

e_VolumetricFog 1
r_VolumetricClouds 1

[FIXED] How to make terrain layers blend with each other?

Hi! So far I haven't been able to find a tutorial about this matter. I want to be able to make the terrain textures blend together so that the textures transition smoothly. I have messed around with the material editor preferences but so far nothing worked. :( EDIT: It's okay, I just found how to do...

Re: What are you working on?

Yes you are right, I'll fix this once I get rid of that OpenGameArt logo that keeps appearing on the fire particle (I guess I'll have to create a new one). I'll also make the snow more realistic by adding real snow flakes with transparent backgrounds among the white dots. :D I'll post more screensho...

"OpenGameArt" watermark coming from god knows where

Hi! :D So I have built a flashing light sprite and for some reason there's an OpenGameArt watermark that doesn't seems to come from the texture I'm using (it's the that comes with the engine). I tried replacing the texture with one of my own but that didn't change a thing. http://imag...

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