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Re: I encountered some problems while compiling the CE source code,asking for help

Hi LESGOY, I would definitely check the paths and that you account has the correct rights to open these files. Try Running in Administrator Mode Does the stock 5.6 version from the CRYENGINE Launcher work? Can you post the editor.log file What are the first 5 lines inside the cryengine.cryengine fil...

Re: Unknown Command: goto warning

Thank you for the detailed explanation :). These messages relating to 'goto' should not affect your project and can be safely ignored. For context, this warning is due to some refactoring in the editor where these editor-only commands were replaced/updated and other methods were implemented for this...

Re: Simple Cube

Hey BLADEkuzia,

If you cannot put together a website yourself, then I would suggest making a page on something like IndieDB.
Failing that, you can mention users can DM (Direct Message) you for a download link in private.

We also allow if that works.


Re: Simple Cube

Hi BLADEkuzia, Unfortunately we do not allow third-party file sharing site links on the forums as per the rules. This is to protect the users here. We would love to see your game though. If you have a website, it would be better to link to that website and provide some more context to the game there...

Particle Editor Tutorial - Part 1: Introduction to Particles Our new video tutorial series introduces you to particle effects and shows you how to create and use them in your games. Check out part one of our new video tutorial series about particle...

Re: Using Images in Terrain editor to act as a design guide

Hi systemfx, You can do this in CRYENGINE by importing a terrain texture: Create a level Open the terrain editor (Tools->Terrain Editor) Click the hamburger menu (top-right of terrain editor pane) Go to File->Export/Import Terrain Texture Select all the tiles by dragging a selection over them Click ...

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