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Re: Games updates and patches

Yes it is crucial now because my game is finished in all aspects and I'm ready to release it on Steam. It will be released as completed, not early access.
The savegames works well until I change something in the level for an update. I'm working hard but I can't find a solution.

Re: Games updates and patches

Hi Laviz, thank you. I'm getting this error: err.jpg At the end of the game.log there are this: (there are many of them) <20:40:36> [Warning] [flow] Flowgraph '' has changed between save-games. Can't resolve node named '338' <20:40:36> [Warning] [flow] Flowgraph '' has changed between save-games. Ca...

Games updates and patches

Hi all, I'd like to ask some help about patching my game. I've noticed that if I change something in my level (to fix some bugs) the savegame doesn't work anymore and the game crashes when the level is loading. This problem forces the player to restart the game from the beginning and this is not goo...

EULA and copyright question

Hello Crytek members, Soon I will release my game and I'm making credits. I'm using EAAS and I've read this in the EULA: 3.3. The design of the splash screen, the credits screen, the documentation, the packaging and the marketing material is subject to Crytek's prior written approval regarding Cryte...

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