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Re: Some beginner's questions

Hi freeflyklown, In case you are still evaluating I would like to try to answer some of your questions; If I start from scratch and only want to use the new stuff, then I use Entity component and nothing out of the GameSDK, correct? It really depends on the game you would like to create and how vers...

Re: image effects

Hi Qweerty, What kind of image effects are you looking for? If you are looking for a custom post-process effect you will need to modify an existing pipeline, this will mean modifying shaders. For example, you can take a look at "CRYENGINE_5.6\engine\shaders.pak\Shaders\HWScripts\CryFX\PostEffec...

Re: Export to Engine

No problem, make sure that you are using the Time Of Day of 12:00 if you want it activated by default.
If it is not the default environment preset, or it is a different time of day then you will want to use Flow Graph to set the Time of Day and/or the Preset you wish to use.

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