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Meet the Team: Theodor Mader, Technical Director

Find out about the future of CRYENGINE in our roadmap update and interview with Theodor Mader, CRYENGINE’s new Technical Director. We chat with Theodor Mader, CRYENGINE’s Technical Director, about his history in game development, his vision for the engine, and some of the new features coming to CRY...

Crysis Remastered brings ray tracing to current-gen consoles

See CRYENGINE’s groundbreaking ray tracing technology in action, coming to Crysis Remastered. Crysis Remastered, powered by CRYENGINE, is bringing ray tracing to new platforms. On PC, players can experience software and hardware ray tracing in Crysis Remastered, including, for the very first time, ...

Re: Hi . . Does Cryengine have a ' visual script ' or Blueprint language and is it good / well - documented . .

Hey jbb1979,
please don't double post.
Your question has been answered in the other post you have made and on Discord it seems as well.
As mentioned before you can check out our Flappy Boid tutorial for the overview of Flowgraph and creating a simple game using it.

Hunt: Showdown x Marvelous Designer Fan Art Contest highlights

Our Hunt: Showdown 3D Apparel Creation Contest, hosted by Marvelous Designer, is still open for entries. Get advice from two of our community experts! Do you fancy showing off your art skills and winning some fantastic prizes? Our Hunt: Showdown 3D Apparel Creation Contest, hosted by Marvelous Desi...

CRYENGINE is on Twitch!

We're launching our official Twitch channel today, with a full schedule of tutorial content to accompany devcom. Get involved! We're delighted to invite you to join us over on our official CRYENGINE Twitch channel , launching today to coincide with devcom . Our first stream will be today, August 17...

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