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Re: Custom NPC

not using lua, using c++ or c# or schemic instead
Thanks for reply. Docs says about lua only at the moment, unless I'm blind ;)

Re: Custom NPC

using state machine and behaviour selection
Thanks, does it mean we still should use Lua for entity scripting? I'm a bit confused with it as I've seen some opinions that apparently we should avoid lua as it will be deprecated.

Re: Custom NPC

I was just looking for the same information really. Was thinking about using AI Human as base to import different models, as you can simply trigger them to go along the path and perform animations.. However I got stuck with the workflow. Using CE5 myself though. It would be great if someone familiar...

Re: Help with finding CryEngine C++ and C# learning sources

Hi! I've programmed with Unreal Engine (C++) and Unity (C#), and now I'm pretty set on learning CryEngine V. I got a book off of Amazon: But...

Re: No physics proxy

I'm cheap so I use blender :D Nothing wrong in using Blender. We all have to start somewhere. You can use BCry plugin and option Add Proxy. Select your object and click on Add Proxy. Then you can adjust proxy in Edit Mode as Blender will add quite big proxy, equal to model and whereas it is not an ...

Re: Scaleform license once and for all

Cool, Collin didn't specify if this was about commercial projects too, so I'll wait for him or other Crytek member to answer here. It's very important. I would also be interested in official answer from Crytek whether we can use GFX at least. In case someone is interested here are the licenses with...

Re: Scaleform license once and for all

Yes you can use it commercially. That's the nice thing about the license in CRYENGINE. No additional costs when using Scaleform. Except for Scaleform Video that is. Yes, and that is painful. I've sent official enquiry myself and got response from them stating that I should have both licenses. Licen...

Re: Indie Development Fund

Atlantis is on hold, don't have an army big enough to handle it. Working on a much smaller game instead. It's a pity! Hope you come back to it as concept and initial idea looks great. Anyway, can I ask what's the smaller project? Forgive me my nosiness I guess I need to keep myself motivated to pus...

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