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Re: Need help game SDK project

gamesdk/gamesdk/aseets/multi folders or files This should be gamesdk/gamesdk/multi folders or files The Assets folder in the GameSDK is called GameSDK. The Assets folder is called Assets in the Asset packs. You can check the missing texture/material warnings for a hint on where the file should be. ...

Launcher updated to 1.10.8-0

We have rolled out a new update for the CRYENGINE Launcher which addresses a bug regarding the Report an Issue button. You can see the changes along with previous updates over on the Documentation pages here: If you are hav...

Re: Infinite registering on cryengine

Hi Pizzarush, Are you still experiencing this problem? Please let us know if you have success when running the CRYENGINE Launcher with administrative privileges. Also, please make sure you are running a 64-bit CPU and operating system set to 64 bit. Currently CRYENGINE does not support 32 bit systems.

Re: Vehicle Breakable Glass

Hi gigilulu, Apologies fore the late response. To answer your question - this specific method is likely deprecated in favor of the more generic breakable glass system. You may notice the documentation on that page is from 2013. We would recommend trying this method:

Re: Problem with terrain layer-material blending ! [CRYENGINE 5.6.5]

Hi excreation, If you can reproduce the problem it would be great to see a detailed bug report with reproducible steps so we can investigate internally. You can submit reports via the GitHub issues page here: Please include as much information as possible w...

Re: Sound disappearance in Wwise

Hi there, Please make sure you are using the Wwise Software Suite and that your sound banks are exported correctly. We would reccomend first trying out the Audio Showcase Tutorial on our documentation here: This tutorial includes ...


Hi araz01,

Not sure about the topic title but if you want to disable the player spawning on game mode then you will either want to;
1. Use a different template, such as the Blank Template
2. Modify the source-code to prevent the player entity from spawning on the game ready event

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