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Re: Subpipes

I have searched the complete GameSDK for "too many subpipes" and I was not able to find any result.
Could you copy paste the error message?
Could you also attach screenshots the flowgraph?
Also screenshot of the viewport with helpers enabled just to have a look at the path.

Re: Quick AI Question

The AI in GameSDK uses the Modular Behavior Tree You can write your own, or modify an existing one. The Default one used is the SDK_Grunt_07 We will soon have a Modular Behavior Tree editor as mentioned on our roadmap...

Re: Zoom & Rotation object

Zoom & Mouse sensitivity recalculation Flow Graph In this Flow Graph we have used Graph Tokens: In Flow Graph click on Tools > Edit Graph Tokens and add those: FOV_Default (Float) FOV_Max (Float) FOV...

Re: Zoom & Rotation object

The issue has been resolved. Users that are looking to do the same thing will stumble upon this topic without finding valuable information, therefore If you manage to accomplish something, the community would appreciate everyone sharing their solution. Here is something that I have prepared in the ...

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