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Re: Freezing, render stop works

Could you provide the reproduction steps? e.g: 1. Create new level 2. Create object > Brush > "wooden_fence_120_400_a.cgf tick boxes so and so, type static 3 Designer tool > Box and put the box behind fence touching/not touching. and so on. 10. jump in game, aim and shot the object while moving...

Re: CryEngine - Flowgraph - Check if an UI Element is visible or not

In that example i was using hud3d which is on by default in the GameSDK. That's why i had the the Sequentializer out1 and out2 crossed over. for the menu you can simply change: Logic:Sequentializer Out1 -> Show UI:Display:Display Logic:Sequentializer Out2 -> Hide UI:Display:Display I understand your...

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