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[5.4] AdvancedAnimationComponent - how to handle one-off animations?

In the FPS template the character's animations are evaluated every frame like this: const auto& desiredFragmentId = m_pCharacterController->IsWalking() ? m_walkFragmentId : m_idleFragmentId; if (m_activeFragmentId != desiredFragmentId) { m_activeFragmentId = desiredFragmentId; m_pAnimationComponent-...

Re: Converting FPS Template to uniform movement speed

D'oh :) Thanks edit : One small problem - the default zero velocity becomes {0, 0, 1} after normalizing, which results in, well, flying. One fix would be: if (!velocity.IsZero()) { velocity = velocity.normalize(); velocity *= moveS...

Re: [5.4] IDE Support?

We are currently working on an extension for Visual Studio that would add debugging support to C# projects. You can take a sneak peak at the extension here . It is currently being developed ...

C# UI - ScrollPanel

How do you use this UI element? I've got an instantiated scrollpanel and I can drag the scrollbar up and down, but buttons that are instantiated on top of it do not move with it. I can't see any examples anywhere for how to get it working. EDIT: Resolved The scrollpanel has its own second internal p...

Re: [5.4] Is there any scenario where you would use inheritance with Entity Components?

Yeah I should have been a bit clearer: I did mean aside from the component interface, so like
or probably more likely what I would use is
IEntityComponent> abstract IComponentA>ComponentB

But anyway what you said answers my question, thanks guys.

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