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Re: My S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 concept

Here is a video: YeXSZ1kzNxA Pics: https://i...

Re: Footstep sound

Hi Ancient76, thanks for spotting this. The footsteps are indeed missing using the Wwise Implementation. Reason for that is a missing "Default Switch/State" in the footstep setup... wwise_default_switch_issue_03.PNG ...which results Wwise not playing any sound, throwing following error when Profili...

Footstep sound


When i switch from pistol to rifle some footstep sound are missing? Actually footstep sounds only work correctly with pistol equipped.
It's gamesdk 5.4.

How to fix this?

Geometry problem

In 3ds max everything looks good, but in gamesdk these columns are deformed, and only these columns?
They should be round.
I use gamesdk 5.4 version. Is this a bug or what?


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