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Hi! How much shadowproxies can improve performance if used with vegetation, trees and bushes for example? I talk about dense forest, something similar to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I know that they also use shadowproxies for vegetation. I need to create additional low-poly model of a tree for exampl...

Re: CRYENGINE 5.5 Full Release

It will be updated accordingly in the coming weeks. Schematyc redesign is coming with CE5.6 as previously stated. Will you in the coming weeks fix this shadows automerge problem? Also there is grass wiggle problem which i reported way back in 2017:

About lighting

Hi, What is the best practice to achieve more realistic exterior lighting, something like in Kingdom: Come Delverance for example? Which parameters are the most important? I have made 24 hour cycle following this tut:

Re: GameSDK 5.4 draw calls

Settings are the same, resolution, lod, etc. Also my map loads much faster in 5.4 version which is kinda strange? Hey Ancient76 As they mentioned the rendering refactor will play a large part in this. Now having dumped most of the old pipeline and many Crysis specific code written directly into the...

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