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Why Crytek won't sell their training material on marketplace for anyone. this should help to grow their community if that's their goal. I'd buy it but as a student I don't see why would I buy base membership for 540£ inorder to be allowed to buy training for more money as buying membership is not my...

Re: Adding Visual representation

i'm curious if there's a method that get called every frame in 5.4, i don't know of a method that get called every frame I did it by using interface IEntityComponentPreviewer
but is there a method that get called every frame or how to draw it everyframe

Adding Visual representation

I created Area trigger now I want to add some visual representation to it. I saw the code in default entities but i can't figure out how to implement it because i can't inherit CPhysicsPrimitiveComponent in my Initialize function pressurePlate->SetTriggerBounds(AABB(Vec3(0.0, 0.0, 0.0), 10.f)); pres...

Re: 5.4 - Adding fields to component

Thanks fury your code & explanation is clear i got it. i'm still trying to figure which does what I think fury22uk already answered the question in great detail. Just for your interest, you can find all the default components implementation here

5.4 - Adding fields to component

I want to create proximity trigger class/component that can be take range values from the editor i managed to create empty component using Schematyc but it's empty If i made my fields public it won't show either in the editor so how to show my class fields in that component static void ReflectType(S...

Documentation - Contribution

As everyone know this engine lack documentation, yes you have it but it's not beginner friendly! I find most of the documentation outdated or not well defined so why don't you build a platform for documentation Where you let community members help with editing/adding content if they wish and it can ...

About Oceans

I can't see ocean but i can see it's effect. any idea how to make ocean visible? when i create new project? I can see it in old template running on either 5.3 or 5.4 however when i create new project using 5.4 or 5.3 I see nothing but skyblue unless i go below ocean height and i see effect only http...

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