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Re: Need help game SDK project

with most assets even if it maintain folder structure the material is replace me. gamesdk/gamesdk/aseets/multi folders or files Hi there, These are asset packs and should be merged with into the GameSDK project assets folder. Please check the errors for the missing material errors and check they are...

Re: Bot Alarm

what engine version are you using and im assuming your using Gamesdk, are you using the correct legacy version of game sdk if your not using the most recent version. \ How is the sound for bots? I shoot next to them, they don't react to the shooting. And also when you look at them, they don't shoot ...

Re: Bot Alarm

Hey. Help is required. How can I build a flowgraph diagram so that the Bot that saw me reports the enemy to other bots. What nodes should be involved? I tried to connect the alert nodes to the bot nodes, it doesn’t work. use AI alertness state and a game token for each ai have him move near locatio...

Re: roadmap update

i do understand be cause of the covid-19 that they my be working from home or in small groups, and my be slowed down, it would be nice to at least have them update the road map so we know what is going on.

roadmap update

has any moderators heard whats going on with 5.7 release its past spring coming into june so why does roadmap still say spring 5.7

ive been excited to see new schematic as ive already built so may amazing things in old schematyc

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