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A flow graph node

Hi, here a reference how to select an item by the permission of ALLAH. #include "StdAfx.h" #include "CryAction.h" #include "IActorSystem.h" #include "ItemSystem.h" #include "GameObjects/GameObject.h" #include "Inventory.h" #include "IGameRulesSystem.h" #include "FlowFrameworkBaseNode.h" class CFlowN...

UI events

Hi, ALLAH bless you. I don't know what i should do to add a listener... And how can i get event parameter? This is header file: class CUIPlayerInterfaceEventListenerA { public: virtual void OnUIEventA(IUIElement* pSender, const SUIEventDesc& event, const SUIArguments& args) { CryStringLocal eventNam...

Re: UI function parameter.

Hi! :) Works. ALLAH bless you, have nice day. if (gEnv->pFlashUI) { IUIElement *playerInterface = gEnv->pFlashUI->GetUIElement("Player_interface"); if (playerInterface) { CryLogAlways("addToBag"); SUIArguments addToBagArgumentA; addToBagArgumentA.AddArgument("qsplace"); addToBagArgumentA.AddArgument...

UI function parameter.

Hi, ALLAH bless you,

Could you tell me, how can i declare my function parameters in "C++" code?

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if (gEnv->pFlashUI) { IUIElement *playerInterface = gEnv->pFlashUI->GetUIElement("Player_interface"); if (playerInterface) { playerInterface->CallFunction("addToBag"); } }

How to call void from another file?

Hi, How can i call this from inside of another file? Can you tell me what is wrong? I'm beginner and i have no enough information. After I include ".h" file, i tried a few options to call this. I hope, you will answer as soon as possible by the permission of ALLAH. This is example ".h" file: "StdAf...

Copy Human type

Hi. I want to show how to copy and edit Human type "ai" of Cryengine by the permission of ALLAH. Also, there is a documentation about this from scratch: Firstly, open "root(CRYENGINE-release)\Code\GameSDK\GameDll\GameFac...

Crysis Files?

Hi, we have scripts of Crysis 3(As far as i know) is that possible to take them as a reference?
We have unpak them before... But i don't know is that legal? I think no...

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