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Re: CRYENGINE 5.4 PREVIEW dedicated Feedback Thread

Title: [5.4 Preview Build 83] - Create new Level OS: Windows 10 Build: as shipped Version Number: Exact version number: 5.4.0 Build 83 # relevant info: --> unrar ( into a new separate folder (CRYENGINE_marketplace_5.4.0.83_pc) --> Sanbox start via \bin\win_x64\Sa...

Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

I would like to share some things I have done recently. -svogi ultra settings -log has 1 billion polys -other grass is from the wilderness marketplace pack -volumetric fog and clouds -shadow resolution is @8192px -rendered in native 3840x2160p -framerate doesnt matter :P --> will add a lowpoly compa...

Maya 2016 + CEV5.3 Missing Shelf

Hey folks, long time not talk since today! Sadly I've to say that I can't get the shelf to work as it should. After having Maya closed I install the plugins via the official crytek cryinstaller.exe from the tools dir- the shelf is activated and loaded even after restart the shelf is empty... Also tr...

Re: CRYENGINE Art Thread

Hey all! I thought I should share some recent stuff I made. Feel free to tell me what you think. Rendered in CryEngine V in uhd. tech-details: - shadowtexres @4096 - svoti lod level 0 - integr.-mode 1

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