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Re: Fog Volume problem

Hello, unfortunately this is a know bug in 5.4 and only happens if the volumetric fog is enabled. Either you have to wait for the next update or you can implement the fix in your engine.

Re: Ocean in the blank project

Hello, the ocean is disabled by default in the templates. You can enabled it, as already mentioned, with the console command "e_waterocean 1". This variable is saved in the Game.cryproject file of your project and will be loaded every time you start the project. To change the variable, you can open ...

Re: Schmatyc design / C++ interop

Hello, first of all thank you for the feedback and sharing your detailed thoughts about the new entity system and Schematyc. Initially it's important to note that Schematyc is a beta feature and we are still working on it, that's also why it might miss functionality or connections to different syste...

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