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Re: GameLauncher (v5.4) problem

Exporting the level was as far as I know always necessary for the game launcher. This can be easily observed, if you save your level in Sandbox it just saves everything to the layer files, which can be found in the \Assets\Levels\example\Layers folders. Those layer files are only used by the Sandbox...

Re: Area using Editor and attaching a custom compenent C++

Hey, so I think we have make distinction between collision events and area events here. So if you want to receive an ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION event both entities have to be physicalized and have to have a mesh with a collider, those events will then only be send if a actual collision between the colli...

Re: Schematyc functions


From a technical point of view the EntityId is just an integer at the end, but if you want to have it explicit you can add that information at the end of the BindInput function.

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pFunction->BindInput(1, 'eid', "EntityId", "", Schematyc::ExplicitEntityId());

Re: Schematyc functions

Hello, You have to reflect those functions separately. I will post an example below which should show the process. Component.h: #pragma once #include <CryEntitySystem/IEntityComponent.h> #include <CryEntitySystem/IEntity.h> class CSpawnPointComponent final : public IEntityComponent { public: CSpawnP...

Re: Physics Bouncing Ball

Hello, as tonymaclane already said you can adjust the surface type of the material in order to change the physical behavior such as friction or elasticity. In case you don't use GameSDK, which already declares several different surface types, I will go through the necessary steps to create your own ...

Re: Rigidbody Component Useless

Hello, thank you for your feedback regarding the rigid-body component. We already improved the component for 5.5 and added default meshes with physic proxies to the engine assets. Let me try to explain the concept behind the rigid-body component and the physics proxies a little bit more. The purpose...

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