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Hi guys.

I am trying a way to lock my project FPS...

I have changed the console variables "r_VSynk = 0" and "sys_MaxFPS = 30" (through Flow Graph), but it only affects the GAMEMODE, not the EDITORMODE.

There is a way i can lock the FPS in EDITORMODE?


Camera component in Game Mode

Hi! I need help implementing a camera controller for my Game... when i add a camera component to my scene, and enter Game Mode, the camera is not being "possessed". This also occurs when i create a schematyk with a camera component... i add it to my level and enter Game Mode, but it still does not a...

Re: Fog Volume problem

Hello, unfortunately this is a know bug in 5.4 and only happens if the volumetric fog is enabled. Either you have to wait for the next update or you can implement the fix in your engine.

Fog Volume problem

Hey guys!! I am facing a problem adding Fog Volumes (component) into my levels - Volumetric Fog is enabled. A lot of times the Fog Volume gets a strange color, sometimes blue, sometimes pink. (please, see the image in the attachment). It happens gennerally when i change some setting in the component...

Re: FP Character Controller only in Schematyk - is it possible in 5.4?

Thanks man, but my qustion is regarding Schematyk only, with no code.
We need some nodes to control the camera pitch and yaw, like the ones we had before ;)

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