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Idle2Move - Move2Idle

How to do a locomotion system in mannequin to when the character start walking it will play a transition. and when the character stop it will play the transition ? Just exemple in gamesdk cryengine 5.3 using Sample assets. I have the crysis locomotion that is more for first person. I am doing a game...

Re: My game project, (Production updates on facebook page)

She looks a lot like Jill Valentine from RE (game cube remake) on the video inside the engine. :D this looks like a very interesting project, I'll keep track of it. You've got some great modeling skills by the way. Thanks :) Today I will be doing clothes. on day 5 I will start reconding a video of ...

My game project, (Production updates on facebook page)

Recently I'm working on my project. For now, it is called "Among Them". Maybe the name can change and also about the name on youtube channel that name.. I will definitely change it The project It's a third person game. open world. With gameplay with references of rise of the tomb raider - the last o...

Re: Zbrush Character - Hanna - High poly - updates soon

also write down what you can do in cry and other tools.
you could get work on working on something different
I can do a lot of things.
modeling - animations - textures - also create textures and materials for objects - rigging/skinning.
this is main things that I do

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