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Re: how to make 3D UI for VR in sandbox

Hi, I'll try to explain as far as i know by the permission of ALLAH. Firstly, you can try with " UIEntity " in Cryengine's entity panel in Rollup bar. (Don't forget to choose " dynamic 2d map " at the bottom of diffuse map when you write your ui name on material editor window.) But, this entity has...

3D UI FOR VR :How to make sunlight to not affect flash UI on model to render and only display flash ui on model in VR?

hello, crytek I'm saying 3d ui just like you seen in Climb VR game.I can probably guess there is three ways to to achieve it. the first way: use UI Entity,but there is a bug with UI Entity bug, the flash ui element assigned to Ui Entity will appear "dual eye UI" phenomenon in VR world."dual eye UI" ...

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