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Re: Writing to console

Writing to the console by using the Console class only works if you have a command-line application. For writing to the console in the CRYENGINE you can use the Log class. Log.Always("Game Started"); // This shows as normal text in the console output. Log.Always<MyPlugin>("Game Started"); // This wi...

Re: Can't even build project

You probably want to open the .sln file instead of the .csproj file. The .sln file is the solution file of your project, and connects your project with the engine's code. The .csproj file contains only references to your own code, and can't find the required engine files on its own. Are you using CR...

Re: About Oceans

Have you checked if the ocean is disabled by using the cvar "e_waterocean"? If the value of "e_waterocean" is 1, the ocean is enabled and should be visible. If it's value is 0, the ocean is disabled and should not be in the level.

Re: 5.4 Preview 2 | C# | How to access engine components.

The Core C# library doesn't have any default components like C++ has at the moment. The components you can already use are available in the Game library which is different per template. The RollingBall template only has a Player component for example, and the Third Person Template has the Bullet, Ch...

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