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The Big Crane

Almost finished but meanwhile I'm somehow stuck - the hook has alot of shaking and trembling when ascending, and that's because of the damper used to stabilise it (without the damper there are shakings and tremblings while descending, plus large oscilations which last forever and thus make the hoist...

Re: The PIT - My Game Project

This is the opening scene (or at least the basic idea) - you (Zam) and your package (Nuke) are deployed on the outer ring of the pit; there will be some dialog of course and, in addition to that, the pilot is explaining to Zam (using only signs and a tablet) that he has a personal interest in being ...

Re: Is there a way to simulate a mirror(realtime) now?

Although SSR is much more cheap than planar reflection, I think planar reflection is still neaded sometime. Totally agree. As a matter of fact planar reflection was needed like yesterday... I remember there were mirrors in Duke Nukem 3D back in the 1996 or such (or maybe just a smart faking method ...

Re: Lights & FG

You're right grb1212, it works ! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support and the time involved.
The error was mine, I was doing it wrong.

Also, thanx again ik-interactive and personwithhat2.


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