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AI Driven Vehicle Max Speed

Any way to increase the maximum speed for an AI driven vehicle ? I tried to modify maxSpeed (line 470) in the xml file for the HMMWV but no success. By default it is set to 30 m/s, but this speed can be aquired only with the boost, and the AI cannot use the boost, so they move at a maximum of 20 m/s.

Re: controling Cga/anm by key

This could work very easy with the mobile part linked to the main vehicle and controlled with a move to node, unfortunately the parent-child link itself has serious problems. Nevertheless, it worth a try, it's a quick setup; also, try to avoid a simultaneous movement of the child and parent.


Re: Why proxy flashing in red

Then you'd better delete the proxy object and physicalize the submaterials used for the building (only the ones which you need to interact with - walls, floors,...). Keep in mind you cannot have a proxy and physicalized geometry on the same object. Also, you'll still need to split a large mesh if th...

Re: Why proxy flashing in red

It makes no sense to create a separate proxy if this is an exact copy of your main object - just apply materials/submaterials with physicalize checked-in; the purpose of the proxy is to reduce the collision calculations, so it has to be a simpler mesh than your main object.

Re: Victorian Room - Art Collab

Superb ! Only 2 small things if you want to further improve it: personally I'd like some flickering in the lights (I've seen the candles already have this feature, but it's not noticeable in the walk-through movie, and doing the same for the gas lights would add to the overall atmosphere); secondly,...

Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

The trigger entity should have an option stating whether it should trigger only for player or not. Aside from this, you would need to check which object triggered it. Possibly by entity name or id. That's what I use right now, adding a filter for each object that shouldn't fire the trigger, but it'...

Re: Wheel Rotation

That's exactly what I was afraid of. I was looking for a simple solution - like linking another entity to the vehicle/wheel 1 (which doesn't work).

Anyway, thanx for clearing up this for me.

An Example

The screenshot shows a setup where a trigger is placed (linked to) in front of a vehicle, very close but not touching it; the driver position is at least 1m away and completely inside the vehicle; when the vehicle starts moving, the trigger says that the driver entered inside it; in my opinion there...

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