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Re: Offset between the physics and the visual of an entity.

Please note that I'm using 5.3 and the problem may have been resolved in newer versions, but here you are the steps to replicate the issue: 1. create 2 basic entities: a box and a cube; the box is the base and the parent, the cube is the top and the child (fig 1 left); 2. create a simple flowgraph w...

Re: Offset between the physics and the visual of an entity.

..."known" doesn't mean "solved" (yet)...the kind of issue which makes things very complicated and almost impossible sometimes; and it's BASIC functionality, not a new, fancy feature; so my request to Crytek was/is this: take care of the basics, and after that dream about new features; without the b...

Re: Vehicle Lights and FG

I found a partial solution - the "lights" node doesn't display anything in the "light type" field, just linked a SetString node to this input with the text "All" and it does the job; however, I was looking for more control over a certain light, have tried with "FindEntityByName" but couldn't make it...

Launcher Error ?

The launcher gives me this message no matter what project/editor version I'm trying to open: "Something went wrong when trying to open the project. Please try again, or check our Trobleshooting Guide. If the problem persists... etc"

So, what could this be ?

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