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Re: Particle realtime reflection

you can take POM self-shadowing as a reference. it works before 3.6,and back in 3.8.
so no one is sure about when the feature will be back/implemented except how crytek plans,and that stays private and probably won't be told to public.

Re: Cove light effect

Modifying the SSDO settings is not really a recommended solution. If an area lacks ambient light, add ambient light to it, don't remove the ambient occlusion for the entire level. I personally find the SSDO setting to be a bit high overall. To answer the question posed by another user I globally se...

Re: Cove light effect

first ,put env-probe in key location,and change the size to cover up the area as much as it could. then use local env-probe to take care of small area,adjust attenuation fall off to gain a smooth transition between probes. additionally,you can put a point light with 0 buble size, no cast shadow and ...

Re: Cove light effect

just use it as less as it could be,because i think sometimes or in a certain situation it will messes up your scene by its casted shadows,e.g. a very limited or small interior scene with complex cove light.

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