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What does the compute shader skinning method do and how can I utilise it?

Hi, I was reading through the documentation while importing my character model and found out that the compute shader skinning method provides a higher fidelity than the CPU one and better performance, yet when turning it on my mesh disappears from view and sometimes the editor crashes. So, what does...

Ocean in the blank project


How can I get the ocean from the blank project into one of the templates? The ocean is technically there, but not visible in the templates. How would I go about making it look and function like the ocean in the blank template?

Thanks in advance for any replies

Adding a bone root in Maya or Blender causes animation to Fail to import

Hi, So I've tried this in both Blender and Maya and when adding a locator to act as the root and naming it root, when using the fbx importer for animation in CE 5.4 the character imports facing Z- and has a Y up. Why? When not adding the root, the character imports fine, except the hips are brought ...

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