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My first Level xx

Hi, I'm making a CryEngine Game, Third-Person Adventure-Horror Game xx Here's My First 3D-Character xx Here's Concept Art, It's about People -- On fire xx >> h...

GameSDK Problem

Hello, I've been watching Tutorials, they are Difficult. When I Import 'GameSDK' and, make a new level, I get an error, I can't proceed. The rest of the tutorial becomes very difficult. Please, fix this. About Tutorials, please make them simple. Start with very basics, the EASIEST Way to do, Somethi...

Hello - I need Help

I have a game I want to make, but I need help to get it started right .. 1. I use blender (3D DCC) and I need good tutorials, I will look but recommendations are Surely welcome xxxx 2. I need to create big fires (Particles, I think) .. The look I need is this :

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