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Problem with Alpha Channel

I've tried making . PNG files -- that possess a 'Transparent' layer -- It doesn't work. I watched the CRYENGINE Youtube PFX 2 Particle Tutorial, and I tried following it …. He adds an 'Appearance : Blending' To the Particle and, Sets it to 'Additive', not 'Alpha'. This works but there is no Darkness...


The Tutorials don't Match the Stuff, in my Sand-box -- Could you make a Link to the Correct Tutorial in each 'Tool' (Material Editor, Particle Editor) -- For easy, direct Referencing xx

Re: My first Level xx

The Particles are Working, I need to Tweak the Fire, Though --

It's about Guilt, after a War, based on Lies - Against humanity xx

It' s about a Knight of, The Templar Order trying, To save His people, From Committing Collective Suicide after, An illegal War xx

Re: A Cool game

Is anyone Interested --- It's like 'Left 4 Dead' Series -- But, with Crusader Knights against, Spawn od The Dark ( Vampires, or -- Were--wolves ) xx It Should get Very Bloody, Tough and -- Desperate xx

A Cool game

I hear Voices, I'm a Psychiatric patient But, drugs Don't Help xx They asked me, id Crytek Could make a Game, about A Predator, from 'Schwarzenegger' movie .. That Could be So COOOOL … I Had another Idea -- What about a Third-person Horde or Multi-player Game, like 'For Honour' but, With Werewolves ...

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