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MS Paint Texture Export for CRYENGINE -- Can't make 'Terrain Paint' Textures

I can import MS Paint .JPG Files as Textures, and Easily texture Any Blender (3D Software DCC) .FBX file -- But, the Textures I make in MS Paint (Standard Windows) won't work, for Terrain painting. I tried editing the texture, in Asset Manager, and made it from 'RGB' to 'Terrain-Albedo High-passed' ...

Re: Please, Help me

This is weird. In tutorials, it's the Material that is Painted. But, no matter what Material I select, nothing is painted, on Terrain. However, when I alter 'Texture', in Terrain Paint mode, it actually works.

The Material simply does Not get painted ..

Please help,


Please, Help me

My textures in 'Paint terrain' are Really, Really big (256 x256 Img Becomes 100 x 100 m Wide, in Terrain) -- See pics xx

How can I make the Textures only be say about, 1 m x 1 m, on the World xx

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