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About Alphas

I Have some png images, with Transparent backgrounds, or, called Alpha pixels X x How-ever, I Can't import them in-to Cry-engine, it's like the Alpha channel is deleted, and it just becomes a Flat, white plane, with the Image, On top X x What am I Doing wrong ? ? I Use Ms Paint And, Ms Paint 3D To c...

Player-error x x

Hi, I Make new Schematyc project, it has Player artifact, but when I Place in The level, and Press Play, Nothing happens, I Begin under-water, Some-where Far, far a-away x x

How Do I Fix this ? ?

Idea for a Game

Hello, I've been Mentally Ill, for 10 - 15 years, Partly from watching Too much American entertainment. I developed a weird interest, in religions, I read Buddhism and, Orthodox Christian teachings (Saints, Monks, Epic Nuns) .. In the Bible God is described, as being Love and, Truth. Jesus says, I a...

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