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Re: Export to Engine

No problem, make sure that you are using the Time Of Day of 12:00 if you want it activated by default.
If it is not the default environment preset, or it is a different time of day then you will want to use Flow Graph to set the Time of Day and/or the Preset you wish to use.
Many thanks =)

Re: Sound disappearance in Wwise

Hi there, Please make sure you are using the Wwise Software Suite and that your sound banks are exported correctly. We would reccomend first trying out the Audio Showcase Tutorial on our documentation here: This tutorial includes...

Re: Export to Engine

Hi there, Can you provide engine version? Also, please explain exactly what is missing - from the look of your images it looks to be the Environment Preset is not being loaded. Please make sure you set the correct Environment preset for you map before saving and exporting. You can do this in the To...

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