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Re: No-physics collisions

The geom_no_coll_response should do what you want. From physinterface.h: geom_no_coll_response = 0x1000000, //!< collisions are detected and reported, but not processed Example: pe_params_part pp; pp.flagsOR = geom_no_coll_response; //For adding the flag //pp.flagsAND = ~geom_no_coll_response; //Fo...

No-physics collisions

I know how to disable collisions between different types of entities, but still have some problems.

So, is there is possibility to implement sort of collisions detection between entities without any physical influence on them?

Dynamic attachment

I need to dynamically (f.e. during animation) attach some objects to the empty attachment slot. How can i do this in C++? Or maybe somehow by proc. clip? The only solution, that I came up with is to previously attach objects in character editor and show/hide them on demand: auto *pCharacter = GetEnt...

Re: Moving character by root bone

Ok, so i found out, that standart pocedural clip PositionAdjust could do what I want, but i have problems with it.

How to set parameter "TargetPos" for PositionAdjust clip? I tried to set it in Params layer, but it doesent working (well, this working only in Mannequin Editor).

Moving character by root bone

What should I do to let all my character move with root bone during animation, not only model (this i can do by pCharacterInstance->GetISkeletonAnim()->SetAnimationDrivenMotion(0) )? For example there is animation like character climbing and root bone also translates, so how can I force atimation to...

Proximitry Trigger creatoin in C++

So, how can i create Proximitry Trigger Entity in C++ code (because in standart game templates it is missing) like it is implemented in GameSDK? And how can i add this preview images to the custom entities, like this

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