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Cryengine 5.4 Flownodes

First question is: Is the old way of declaring flownode by creating it's own class and inheriting from CFlowBaseNode<...> and registering it by REGISTER_FLOW_NODE is still valid? Second question: Do I need to register all flow nodes in GamePlugin, like before, on ESYSTEM_EVENT_REGISTER_FLOWNODES eve...


WTH I WAS HAVING ISSUES EXPORTING NOW AUDIO!!! MY CRYENGINE FOLDERS LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THEN ALL THESE OTHER TUTORIALS!!! So if i go in sandbox (inSDK) and do all the s_AudioImplName=Cryaudioimplwwise and stuff it works... then i export to engine... then i get in game throught the game launch...

Re: Register Lua Entities

I would recommend you to not use Lua scripts as they will be deprecated in future Cryengine versions, it's better to use C#. ;)
I know, but, for now, it is the only way to get entities like fog and geom cache from GameSDK

Register Lua Entities

Can anyone help with this question? Approach to register Lua Entity described in doesn't work. In Game SDK is file entites.xml with list of all Lua entities and, I assume, it has to be somehow registered in C++. I know, that Lua ...

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