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Re: Multiple basic questions

4. For now, Schematyc can't fully replace Flowgraph. Maybe in 5.6 with Schematyc 2.0. I don't know if this is the best approach, but you can create flownode like this class CFlowNode_MyFlownode: public CFlowBaseNode<eNCT_Instanced> { public: enum EInputPorts { eInputPort_EntityId, }; enum EOutputPor...

Re: Multiple basic questions

10. We can do it by IEntityAudioComponent IEntityAudioComponent* pIEntityAudioComponent = GetEntity()->GetOrCreateComponent<IEntityAudioComponent>(); CryAudio::AuxObjectId nAudioProxyID = 0; nAudioProxyID = m_pIEntityAudioComponent->CreateAudioAuxObject(); m_pIEntityAudioComponent->SetAudioAuxObject...

Re: Flying PE_LIVING entity

Well, I can't figure out what exact Z force I should apply to entity for it to stay in the air
I've tried

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moveDirection.z = 9.8f * frameTime;
And stuff similar to it, but this doesn't work.

I think I should just turn off physics for this character and move it by SetPos;

Flying PE_LIVING entity

Hello. I have some problems with setting up flying character. What I do. - in update event (ENTITY_EVENT_UPDATE) every frame I set entities gravity to zero pe_player_dynamics dynamics; dynamics.gravity = Vec3(0.f, 0.f, 0.f); GetEntity()->GetPhysicalEntity()->SetParams(&dynamics); - move entity by ch...

Re: GameLauncher (v5.4) problem

Hello, I never heard of this issue before, it is especially weird since it apparently can't even load the levels we provide. Did you exported the level and if so did you get any error messages or warnings while exporting? Can you maybe post or upload your level file so I could have a look, thanks. ...

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