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Re: [Video Tutorial] RPG INVENTORY SYSTEM from scratch! Actionscript, C++, Creating weapon, raycasting and much more!

Hello, my name is Jose, you can help me with a video tutorial of exporting vehicles from 3d max to cryengine 5, my email is, in case you want to help me

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Hello I am Jose my country is Spain my skype is tjlaser1000_2 I speak Spanish but Skype translates it from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English I want to know if you can help me and if I have to pay


Hello I am Jose I am looking for people to work in a coperative is for exchange of experiences or exchange of fabores my mail is or if we are 30 people make 30 video games or the profits are distributed in equal parts okay Hola soy Jose estoy buscando ...

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Hello My name is Jose a car as a BMW I export cars from 3d max to cryengine the problem I have I am the next in cryengine in Entity the wheels do not get the textures of the wheels do not recognize them do not know if it is the photoshop or Publisher of cryengine materials

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