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Re: Is Lua being removed?

Hi lavizh, This all sounds very promising. Of course, I would like to stay with CEV if it still supports Lua, which seems to be the case. I will probably try the latest CEV version. Yes, converting the code from one major CE version to the next can be a huge task, it literally took me years to get i...

Re: Is Lua being removed?

Hi i59,
That also sounds very interesting. A plugin could be ideal, particularly if it didn't require GameSDK to work.
But of course, with a plugin all the script binds must work as before, I assume that would be the case.
Many thanks, looks like I won't be abandoning CEV after all!

Re: Is Lua being removed?

Hi Collin, This sounds *very* interesting! I thought that Lua was now deprecated in CEV, end of story. I didn't know about continued support for Lua in CEV GameSDK (I always use GameSDK anyway). So, I may well install the latest CEV and GameSDK, and check it for Lua functionality. If it all works, a...

Re: Is Lua being removed?

Hi collin, I think you know that for years I have been developing a simulator (flight simulator etc) using Lua. So you can probably guess how I feel about this! Flow graph/visual scripting has its place, for things like setting up the AI behaviour in a map. But what it is *not* good at is creating c...

Re: Using vorpX?

Hi lavizh, Running Oculus Rift/vorpX in the Launcher would be possible, but less than ideal. Over the years I've used many Launcher versions, but it never works properly for my simulator. For example, the simulator custom Game dll doesn't work in the Launcher. There are also annoying graphics artifa...

Using vorpX?

I'm considering purchasing an Oculus Rift, and I would want to use it in the free SDK (3.58). vorpX is a utility that allows the Rift to be used with games not designed for VR. It supports all the Crysis versions, so it does work with CE3. In particular, it would need to work i...

Re: cryengine 3.5 free foreat sdk exported regedit files

Hi, Happy to help. I'm still using 3.5 for all my development work. The forum doesn't allow a .reg attachment, so I've pasted the text below. Copy the text below to a text file and change the extension to .reg e.g. change the file name to Reg_3.58.reg Double click the file to open the registry edito...

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