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Cryengine to Blender

I was trying to export some trees from cryengine to blender.
I want to merge a group of trees to 1 mesh. But when I tried to import it to blender (and maya) nothing changed.
So is there any other way?
Thank you

Layer Streaming doesn't work

I was working on a map and made use of layers, so I could layer stream. I did everything a tutorial told me but it didn't work. Can somebody help me?! Here is a simple example of what I did: Building has to be unvisible untill you enter the proximitytrigger. When the building becomes visible the des...

Optimizing Jungles

Hi, I am currently working on a Jurassic park themed game, in which a jungle is very important. My performance is around 30 fps in high settings in the editor ( in a lower resolution). If I test it in the GameSDK in 1080p the performace is around 20 fps. I tried to decrease the amount of vegetation ...

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