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Re: LostTime

Hello !
We finally choose to upgrade to 5.5 preview, and yes, our framerate is better than ever.
Our biggest level run easily at 90 fps.
We were wondering what improvement can cause this jump ?

Thanks again for the support and advices.

Re: LostTime

Hi and thanks for the fast reply, The map was created on 3.4 and the move was from 3.6.15. The map can run smoothly on the 3.7 and 3.8. We export layers but as the engine system have change ( now layers can't have layers childrens), we modify the .xml to desolidarize them and recreate folders to rep...


Hello, I'm part of a college research lab, currently and for a long time working on a Ancient Rome restitution. We use CryEngine since the start of the project, and we recently updated our map to CE5. We have some trouble with the renderer since that. This is some screenshots with some debug view ov...

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