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Why some page of CryEngine V document require log in, and I can't login?

I meet this issue sometime, but this time I decide to ask, here is one of the document pages that require log in:
Exporting using Crytek Shelf in Maya

When I enter my user account, it tell me the account/password is wrong, so I guess it require the account of Crytek's staff??? Is this a mistake?

Re: Why To use CryEngine??

I'm a new user, but here's is my thought What are the real advantages of CE over Unreal??? To me, it's the pay-what-you-want model, I like freedom. I don't see many games made with it other than FPS, why?? It's just because the developer want to make First person shooter, you can find a game in thir...

Import Character (model & animation) into CryEngine - use Blender or Maya?

I have tried 2 method to import a character (model & animation) into CryEngine. Using Blender: DOHej4W62HI This seems kind of easy and straight forward, just tweak the fbx file a little with Blender, then import this fbx file into CryEngine with CryEngine Sandbox FBX importer, I try and success at f...

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