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Does Crytek changing the size of terrain in next Engine updates?

Hello Devs & Crytek Staff! it is simple question that as UE & Unity supports a larger Terrain size to make open world games. But in CE yet there is only chance to create 4K Map. I want to ask that is there any plans for changing Terrain size in next coming updates or the on the Engine final release ...

Any final date for CryENGINE to be released via Launcher Update?

Hello Developers & Community Members.
I want to ask a simple question that is there any expected date for Engine new update of 5.4 which have its preview released. Do you know about when it'll have final build release for update in Launcher?
Yet i'm downloading it via Github (Engine+SDK+Source Code).

CryENGINE 5.4 update??

Hello Devs!
as i heard about the update of CE in Late June or in Starting of July. But, still there is nothing like update.
do you know, when exactly the update is coming?

Bound to not to work because wanna start the project again with new update.

Proper way to use XForm in 3ds Max to Export Object properly.

Hello Devs!

I was watching many people in facebook group was confused about to using XForm / Exporting object properly in its correct shape.
So here is the short tut for this.
PS: Sorry for Low Quality
I'll Upload more Updates & Tuts after my Exams.

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