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six camera to 360vr appears different color?bottom view not fit other views?

YWY]BYS.JPG console value: r_DisplayInfo 0 r_motionblur 0 r_HDRVignetting 0(i have deleted the g_godMode 1 r_sunshafts 0 r_flares 0 r_HDREyeAdaptationMode 2 r_HDREyeAdaptationSpeed 0 r_ssdo 0 i find sky can not fit well,bottom view and top view can not fit well. all camera fov is 90...

Re: Headset of Oculus rift cv1 doesn't works all the time!! how to fix this issue?

can you hear sound in normal game(none vr mode),or you just can't add music in game?
I can not hear sound in normal game!
EC1{RXZK@`4WW]VMS_2K(2C.png (66.51 KiB) Viewed 4359 times
make sure your default device is right device

Re: how to remove vignetting effects(black corner movie effects)

Vignetting seems to be enabled by default but the actual effect isn't showing here in the corners in the viewport nor the game launcher in 5.3.2. Turning it off or on does nothing. The file is still present under \engine\engine.pak\EngineAssets\Shading\ so i'm going to assume the fea...

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