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Re: Scene import

Thanks for a response ik-interactive

I know i can do that but i was wondering if i exported something out that had all the pivot points of all the objects of the scene in max that i could align individual objects in cry.
A bit like the entity link thing but align object to that pivot point selected.

Scene import

Hi everyone, I was wondering if this is possible to do, it would speed everything up alot if it did. I have current created a large scene in max and want to export it out and import it to cry. At the moment am thinking of just exporting each object out into individual pieces then add to level this w...

Re: 5.4 Crash

are you able to import the layer into another map, if you can then delete the rope then try again at loading up that level. either save over it or delete the layer from the level folder it should then start. You could try to not load objects then load level then go through each layer hiding them the...

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