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Re: Vertex Painting

Create a tillable texture for both textures then apply the vertex paint in 3d max.
There was a bit of tutorial on the docs where you can see it while you paint your vertex.

Creating a animated texture to cry 5

What are the ways of adding an animated texture to cry engine 5. in the past there was the frame by frame anim but with my animation being 30 seconds i think that is out of the question. but currently i am using a .swf/gfx to assign the texture to the object but all i get is black texture. Looked in...

Explosions and the radialblur

Just been creating a new rocket weapon, just need bullet drop on the rockets now.

anyway what do people think to the normal rocket launcher radial blur after the explosion. What do you devs think... do you dont mind it or would it be best removed?
Or are you able to turn off all blurs for the engine?

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