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Re: Terrain draw distance

This only seems to occur in the Templates that use the new Entity Component system for the player. The Camera being one of them. You could add the following line in CPlayerComponent::Initialize() m_pCameraComponent->SetFarPlane(2048.0f); // 2048.0f is the distance how far you want to look (default i...

Re: Flappy boid, pipes moving

Are you still getting the same errors as you posted in the screenshot? Could you check if your \levels\Flappy_F\leveldata\GameToken.xml file looks like this: Could you also confirm that the following folder \libs\ui\FlashAssets looks like this:

Re: Quests system

If you only need such basic text like on the screenshot, you can also just use the following Flownode: Debug:DisplayMessage You can use the Input:ActionMaps:ActionFilter for that using parameter no_move You can enable mouse cursor with Input:MouseCursor You can even avoid flash by doing the UI in fl...

Re: Quests system

You can have a look at the UI tutorial here: and here: You can also have a look at our Documentation page@ https:/...

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