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Re: Help while exporting game

Try to load the map manually, via command line "^", if available (in the Blackscreen): map your_mapname Black screen are mostly: map not loaded missing startmenu (ui) or game runtime like GameSDK or GameZero, was failed to load ...missing dependencies or what other When a runtime file was failed to ...

Re: Unable to Generate Solution From Gİthub Main/Release

Hi, can you post the content of the cmake log window? I think you have missing dependencies. For the main branch, some module are brocken/incomplete. Disable the following entries and try again (re-generate): PLUGIN_USERANALYTICS PLUGIN_VR_OCULUS PLUGIN_VR_OPENVR PLUGIN_VR_OSVR OPTION_SCALEFORMHELPE...

Re: New Win10, New Cry, New Max, New Maya, New PS!But show this wrong.....who know how to fix it?

try to use the 'verbose' option of rc
/verbose = to control amount of information in logs: 0-default, 1-detailed, 2-very detailed, etc
  • SettingsMgr > Resource Compiler
  • %ENGINE_ROOT%\Tools\rc\rc.ini
recompile it and check the logs

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